The 24th Week

Sources for New Immigrants in English

The book "Arrival Survival Canada"
          It is worth spending a week for those who have fluently read English to find out about a book for new immigrants in Canada, published by Oxford University Press in 2008 called Arrival Survival Canada ( It was written by immigrants Nick and Sabrina Noorani. The book is in libraries and for sale in Toronto at Chapters and Indigo stores.
The book has 328 pages, covers many topics of relevance to new Canadians and consists of sixteen chapters. 
          The first and second chapters are devoted to Canada and briefly talk about its people, history, geography, climate, government structure, economy, culture and things to do. 
          Chapter 3 is designed for those who still just going to Canada. Chapter 4 discusses the most urgent cases, immigrants who are waiting for immigrant status upon arrival.
          You can learn in Chapters 5, 6 and 7 about the assistance that immigrants can get to study language and find employment. They cover a range of issues related to health care and provide information for those who are looking for housing. You will know what medical treatment is free in Canada and what to pay. The book describes the various types of dwellings, their advantages and disadvantages. There are recommendations on how to choose an estate agent and buy a house or apartment.
           Chapters 8 and 9 are devoted to financial issues: how much will you pay for rent; what are the expenses for food and clothing; where and what to buy? The authors also discuss how to open a bank account, receive money from an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), take a loan, get a credit card and get insurance for yourself and your property. How can you avoid being cheated? This question is also answered in Chapters 8 and 9.
          Chapter 10 briefly introduces the reader to the process of employment in Canada. Chapter 11 talks about the possibility of a Canadian education, including how to arrange to get your children into school, where you can improve your skills as an adult, how much training you need and how to get financial support for education.
          Chapter 12 tells about the exam for a driver's license and buying a car and also describes the rules and features of driving in Canada. From Chapter 13, you'll learn about your rights and responsibilities as a permanent resident of Canada. It also describes the legal assistance provided to immigrants and describes the features of Canadian courts.
          Taxes are described in chapter 14. From this chapter, you will learn who pays taxes in Canada, how you can legally reduce the tax and whether you have to pay taxes on income that you get from abroad. You can learn from chapter 15 about the Canadian culture, traditions and ethics and the last 16th chapter describes the procedure for obtaining citizenship in Canada.
          At the end of the book, there is a list of useful sites for newcomers and the Index Section allows you to use a keyword to find the subject you're interested. At the end of each chapter, there are sections on "Key Words" and "Creating Your Canadian Experience". The section, "Key Words", explains commonly used words and the section, "Creating Your Canadian Experience", is designed for home work. You will answer some questions related to the content of the chapter and use the knowledge gained in this chapter to solve your specific problems.
           The book is written in fairly simple language and you will not only benefit from receiving important information, you will also gain experience in reading and understanding English text and learn new words which are often used in conversational speech.

The book "Being Canadian"
           The book Being Canadian is written for new immigrants who study English. The required level for reading this book is CLB 3-7. The following topics are covered in this book:
•  Geography and climate of Canada.
•  Who were the first Canadians?
•  How Canada became a country.
•  Why there are two official languages in Canada.
•  Today's multi-ethnic society.
•  Government, politics and economics.
•  Canada and the world community.
•  How to become a Canadian.
The book contains a lot of tests on the knowledge of Canada and its culture and traditions which will help you to prepare for the citizenship exam.

Magazine "Canadian Immigrant"
          The monthly magazine, "Canadian Immigrant" (, contains news and stories about immigrants who are mostly from China, Asia, Africa and South America. This magazine is distributed for free at subway stations in Toronto and Vancouver.

Magazine "Canadian Newcomer"
          You can find another free magazine for immigrants, "Canadian Newcomer" ( on the Internet. It has useful information about services for newcomers around Canada.
Make a note. One of the barriers to immigration adaptation is the culture shock of meeting people of many different races, colors and religions. To overcome this shock, you can study the history of Canada and communicate with immigrants from other countries.