Your First Year in Canada 

How to Overcome Immigration Barriers and Successfully Settle in Canada 
in 52 Weeks

Table of Contents


Why was this book written - Who will benefit from this book - What will you learn from this book - How this book is different - How to read this book - Who is the author - Let’s go!  

Section One: 

     What Do You Need to Know about Canada                                         


Part 1: Where to Find Information You Can Trust

1.1 Welcome to Canada!
Immigrants come from 150 countries - History - Geography - Climate - Population - Government - Economics - Medicine - Canadian Citizenship - Canada and the U.S.

1.2 Main Source of Information
Why do we need the Internet - How the Internet is different from a library - Where can you learn how to use the Internet - What information a new immigrant can find on the Internet - How to find the site you need - How to choose a keyword - Can you trust the Internet?

1.3 Sites for New Immigrants in Native Languages
First days in Canada - Settlement - Language Assessment - Employment - Workplace injuries and illnesses – Education - Housing - Health - Radio

1.4 Sites for New Immigrants in English
Federal Sites - Information about job search - Provincial websites - Encyclopedia of immigration to the province of Ontario - Your city websites 

1.5 Books and Magazines for New Immigrants
Library resources in your city - Books for immigrants - Magazines for immigrants - Newcomers to Canada DayPlanner 

1.6 Where to Start a New Life
Do you have the right to choose a place to live in Canada? - What size of city do you like: big or small? - How to find the best place for a job - Resources to find a place to live

1.7 What is the Canadian Mentality
Who is a true Canadian - Individualism - Emancipation - Restrained friendliness - Sense of Time - Materialism - Communications - Disputes - Casual Meetings - Handshakes - Names - Greetings - Gifts - Smoking                                 

Part 2: The First Year in a New Country

2.1 What Do You Know About Your Future?
What kind of mood did you have flying to Canada? - Who is happy here - The three stages of adaptation - How the Canadian government creates the right mood for new immigrants - The reality of Canadian life

2.2 Can Immigrants Get a Guaranteed Job?
What every immigrant dreams about - How to find a guaranteed job - Who does the Government of Canada takes care of first - Is there a royal road to a job? - What does the immigrant have to do if he/she arrives without a guaranteed job

2.3 Immigration Is Like Jumping Barriers
Why is the first year in Canada the most difficult - What are the common problems of immigrants - Why is immigration like jumping barriers - What should be done to overcome immigration barrier 

2.4 What Do Your Skills Show?
How to make an inventory of your skills - What are your pros - What are your cons - What does a new immigrant have more of: pros or cons?

2.5 The Number One Key to Your Success in Canada
Why do some immigrants succeed more quickly than others? – Is it easy for new immigrants to be optimistic? - Alexander Graham Bell and others - Who are you: an optimist or a pessimist? - Do you have a reason for positive thinking? - Some common tips 

2.6 Do You Have an Action Plan for the First Year in Canada?
Where does the immigration bridge lead? - The benefits of planning - What can be achieved in the first year? - Ten planning rules - Your home office

2.7 Immigrants Are Not Left on Their Own
Does the Canadian government know about immigrants’ problems? - Learning English assistance - Information centres for new immigrants - Adaptation programs for new immigrants - Licensing programs for foreign graduates - Assistance in finding job placement for skilled workers

2.8 Canada's Immigration Policy
Does Canada need immigrants? - How many people come to Canada - Economic and family classes – Investors and entrepreneurs - Self-employed - Temporary workers and students - Refugees and visitors - What are Canada’s priorities

2.9 One Day in the life of a New Canadian
Doing research and collecting information - No single day without the Internet - Telephone calls - Visits - Meetings - Working with documents 

Part 3: Twelve Immigration Barriers

3.1 Barrier 1: Official Language
The main cause of unemployment among immigrants - Must a programmer speak English? - Must a locksmith write English? - Where immigrants learn languages

3.2 Barrier 2: Licensing
How many regulated occupations are there in Canada - Is it easy for a new immigrant to get licensed? - How can you get a licence - What is the Bridging program - Bill 124

3.3 Barrier 3: Credentials Assessment 
Are foreign degrees recognized in Canada? - Why your diploma may not be recognized - To whom should you entrust the assessment of your diploma - How to evaluate your degree, if you have a regulated profession - Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials

3.4 Barrier 4: Unemployment 
Why searching for a job is called "job hunting” in Canada - A small test for job hunters - The right answers - Did you give a lot of wrong answers? 

3.5 Barrier 5: No Canadian Experience
Why employers ask about Canadian experience - What does Canadian experience mean - Do you want to work for free? - How to get Canadian experience 

3.6 Barrier 6:  No Canadian Education
What are the qualities most valued by Canadian employers - Are you ready to go back to school? - Where to Study - College or university? - Where to get money for study

3.7 Barrier 7: Lack of Information
Oxygen of our time - Two views of Canada - What is the most sensitive spot of immigrants - What is OCASI - Printed sources - Information centres

3.8 Barrier 8: Lack of Network
Why you need friends in Canada - Who can be included in your social circle - Why you need to network to find a job - How to master the art of communication - How to create a network

3.9 Barrier 9: Financial Troubles
How much money you have to bring to Canada - Kinds of jobs that can be found at once - Survival jobs - Can you sew? - What welfare is - Things that can be gotten for free in Canada

3.10 Barrier 10: Career Transition
Do you need a plan "B"? - Why are immigrants changing professions - Look over your workbook - What kinds of work are popular among immigrants - How to choose a new career 

3.11 Barrier 11: Culture Shock
What is culture shock - Take it for granted - How to fit into the new environment - Assimilation or integration? 

3.12 Barrier 12: The First Days in Canada
The kind of mistakes new immigrants make - If nobody meets you in the airport - A thousand questions - What is available for free medicine after arrival - What to do with children - Already thinking about a job? -  Be careful with shopping

Part 4: Planning for Different Immigrants

4.1 Rights and Duties of Independent Immigrants
The right to protection from discrimination - The right to work - The right to education - The right to free medical care - The right to financial assistance and pensions - The right to participate in programs to help immigrants adapt to the country - The right to obtain Canadian citizenship - Duties of immigrants 

4.2 Foreign Investors in Canada
Where investors are coming from - Investing in real estate - How to buy a home in Canada - Investing in securities - Investment in a small business - Types of small business that are popular among immigrants

4.3 Conditional Immigration of Entrepreneurs
What does a conditional immigration mean? - Entrepreneur’s rights and responsibilities - How immigrants entrepreneurs are under control in Canada - Buying a business - Buying a franchise - Import and export 

4.4 Adaptation of People Arriving by the Self-employed Program
How many farms in Canada - How to become a farmer - Where to learn about it - How to rent or to buy a farm - The price of a real farm - A Guide to Starting a New Farm Enterprise

4.5 Adaptation of Family Class
Rights that a family class immigrant does not have - If children are not able to support parents – Problem of people 45 plus - How to search for job in old age - Older age resumes - Older age interviews - Some tips for older people on to get a job

4.6 How Temporary Workers Can Stay in Canada
What documents temporary workers need - Their rights and responsibilities - Salary - The regular annual leave - Dismissal - If you have problems - How temporary workers can stay in Canada

4.7 How Foreign Students Can Stay in Canada
The rights and duties of foreign students - Can foreign students work? - Which students have the right to work - How to get a work permit - How foreign students can stay in Canada

4.8 Adaptation of the People Entering Canada by the Live-in Caregiver Program
Who the live-in caregivers are - What rights the live-in caregiver has in Canada - Does the live-in caregiver have a personal life? - Responsibilities for the care of children - Responsibilities for the care for adults - How live-in caregivers can stay in Canada - New benefits for live-in caregivers

4.9 Three Refugees Stages
Should Canada accept refugees? - The first stage - The second stage - The third stage - Waiting for a trial - Alternatives - Refugee adaptation - Can refugees work in Canada? - How to get a lawyer

4.10 Participants of the Humanitarian Program
What the humanitarian program is - Where can you find information on this program - What can increase your chances of success - What can stop you - How to apply for the humanitarian program - Your action plan

4.11 What Can Guests of Canada Do
Who can visit Canada without a visa - How visitors can get work or study permits - How to extend your visa - How many times can the visa be extended

4.12 Immigration through Marriage
Pros and cons of the business marriage - How the Canadian authorities spot a fake marriage - Beware of fraud - How to prove that your marriage is for love 

Part 5: Planning for Different Social Groups

5.1 The Canadian Men's Occupations
Canadian forces - Police - Firefighters - Truck drivers - Drivers of buses, trams and subway trains – Security guards - Taxi drivers 

5.2 Do Women Have the Same Equal Rights in Canada as Men?
How many women are in Canada - What is Common Law - Is immigration more difficult for women? - Where to get help and support - Family planning - If you have been abused - Women’s jobs

5.3 Children in Immigration
Problems of children in immigration - How to make it easier for children to adapt in school - School conflicts - What is bullying - Children’s rights in Canada - If the child needs protection

5.4 The Road for Young People
The story which has a happy ending - You have to learn! - Alternative forms of learning - "So you're here - What next?" - Youth Centers - Youth Programs - Where young people can relax and have a good time 

5.5 Who are Seniors?
Do you need a rocking chair? - If you are under 65 years - If you reach age 65, but have not lived in Canada 10 years - If you have turned 65 years old and have lived in Canada 10 years - Social assistance programs for older people - Services for pensioners in Canada - Protection from abuse - Where to live

5.6 People With Disabilities in Immigration
How many people with disabilities need assistance - Associations for people with disabilities - Each employee is entitled to return to work safely - Financial aid - Education - Employment - "March of Dimes"

Section Two

    Sample Plan for Your First Year in Canada


The First Quarter

The 1st week. Temporary housing, communications and medical insurance
Welcome to Canada! - How to find low-cost temporary housing - Communications - How not to get lost in an new city - Medical Insurance in Canada - How to find the nearest OHIP office

The 2nd week. The right to work, CCTB program, opening a bank account 
Who is eligible to work in Canada - Rights and obligations of the SIN owner - Don’t allow another person use your SIN card - What is the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) - When do you start getting benefits for children - How to open a bank account

The 3rd week. Learning English
What the main problem of new immigrants is - What LINC is - What the testing is for - What the CLB system is - Is it possible to determine your CLB level by yourself? - Selecting courses - How fast can you reach the necessary English language skills

The 4th week. If you need medical care
How to be treated in the first three months - How to get free medical care without the OHIP card - Are there clinics in Canada? - Emergency medical care - How to find a family doctor - If your doctor does not speak your language

The 5th week. The placement of preschool and school age children
How to find a kindergarten - What is the cost of preschool education - The Canadian nurse - How to find a school in your area - The main principle of education in Canadian schools – When do Canadian students choose an occupation

The 6th week. Documents necessary for immigrants
Documents required in Canada - How to find a translator - What the evaluation of documents is - What to bring to the interview - How to get a reference - What a portfolio is

The 7th week. Budget planning, what and where to buy
Things that are not a luxury in Canada - The amount that a family of three people should spend per month - The amount of a ticket to the theater - What is a "Garage Sale" - How to plan your 

The 8th week. Find permanent housing
Should I settle in my ethnic community? - The criteria used when looking for housing - How to look for accommodation - Centers which help immigrants find housing - How to negotiate the rental
 of housing

The 9th week. Rent permanent housing
References are needed for rental housing - Repairs in a rented apartment - How to avoid conflict with the landlord - Who can apply for subsidized housing - How long is the wait for subsidized housing - How not to lose your place in line for the subsidized housing

The 10th week. Buying a computer
Why you need a PC in Canada - How to find a Future Shop - Selecting a computer - Installation of the operating and application software - The Internet - Where computer skills are taught

The 11th week. How to get help in your native language
Service centres for immigrants - Libraries - Newspapers and magazines - The Internet

The 12th week. Get legal aid service
If you need legal help - Where you can find information on the laws of Canada - Can I get free legal assistance? - What a Legal Aid Certificate is - Where to Find Community Legal Clinics - Are you required to answer police questions?

The 13th week. Explore your ethic community
How many ethnic communities are in Canada - How to find your community in Toronto - Chinese - Filipino - Greek - Hindu - Italian - Jewish - Korean - Portuguese - Russian 

Your First Quarter Results 

The Second Quarter

The 14th week. English courses: ESL
Features of English ESL courses - How to find an ESL school - Do I need permission to attend ESL school? - Preparing for the exam for Canadian citizenship - Preparing for the Canadian job market - Where else in Toronto I can improve my English language? 

The 15th week. Creating Your Network
What is networking - Where you can meet with people from your country and immigrants from other countries - Useful resources - What is a business card

The 16th week. Information centers for new immigrants
What information centers offer new immigrants - Lectures and seminars - Can you get advice in your language? - How to find the closest information center - Centers for Education and Training - How to overcome the cultural differences between immigrants

The 17th week. ISAP and HOST programs for new immigrants
What ISAP is - Help new immigrants can get - Who can use this program - Where to find organizations that offer ISAP - How to get acquainted with Canadians - What the HOST program offers - What the HOST program does not offer - Where to find HOST programs

The 18th week. If you need a mentor for your job search
What a mentoring program is - Who can participate in it - Who can be a mentor - Help that a mentor can give to find a job - How long the mentoring program lasts 

The 19th week. Organizations that assist immigrants in finding employment
Service Canada Centre - Employment Resource Centre - Employment Assessment Centre - Foreign Credentials Referral Office 

The 20th week. Canadian libraries
How many libraries are in your city - Services that libraries offer - How to find books you need - Help in studying the English language in libraries - The largest library of your city

The 21st week. Getting a driver's license
Driving a car is not a right but a privilege - How long can I drive with rights acquired abroad - First exam - Is it necessary to finish driving school? - Second Exam - Third Exam

The 22nd week. Temporary job
What a survival job is - Where immigrants work - How to work with two managers – How to protect your rights - Look for an English team - How you can earn money by working for yourself - Pros and cons of a temporary job

The 23rd week. Financial assistance from the government
When you can start receiving financial assistance from the government - Where you can get help - Terms and conditions of financial assistance - Can you live on welfare? - Can you be denied financial assistance? - Why Canadians pay the unemployed - When receiving welfare, you have to look for job

The 24th week. Sources for new immigrants in English
The book "Arrival Survival Canada” - The book "Being Canadian” - Magazine "Canadian Immigrant" - Magazine "Canadian Newcomer" - Special website for women

The 25th week. Introduction to Canadian family law
How immigration affects family life - The legend of an arrow bundle has not lost relevance - Will your marriage be recognized in Canada? - What Common-Law is - Canadian divorce - Do not abuse women and children

The 26th week. Your ethnic community district
Where is your ethnic community district? - How many people there speak your language? - Organizations serving immigrants - Hospitals - Libraries - Education - Places for recreation and sport

Your Second Quarter Results 

The Third Quarter

The 27th week. Your road to employment
How to find your way to a job - Who gets a job faster - Why some find a job and others do not - Three best books about job search - Three best websites about job search

The 28th week. What does your occupation mean in Canada?
Where can you learn about your occupation - How to find your occupation in the "Canadian National Occupational Classification” - What the four-digit code of occupations means - How the "Career Handbook” can help - How to find your place on the career ladder of Canada

The 29th week. The Canadian job market
What is absent in the Canadian National Occupational Classification - Where to find information about the job market - Occupations in Canada that are priority - Kinds of specialists that are needed in your province - Where to find a description of the Canadian labour law

The 30th week. Where to find enhanced English language courses 
What "Enhanced English Training" is - Who can use this program - Who can learn professional language in your city - The language requirements of universities of Canada - Want to be an ESL teacher?

The 31st week. Your professional association
What a regulatory body is - How useful is the website of your association - What ONIP is - Who can help you to get a license - Is it possible to work in a regulated profession without a license? - What if you have a non-regulated occupation

The 32nd week. Licensing
How to choose a place of learning - Can you trust the advertising of educational institutions? - How to find a Bridge Program - What you need to know about the Bridge Program - Is there a Bridge Program in the city where you live? - Is there a Bridge Program for trades people?

The 33rd week. Studying and training in Canada
How to choose a place of learning - How you can trust the advertising of schools - How to find a Bridge Program - What you need to know about the Bridge Program - Is there a Bridge Program in the city where you live? - Is there a Bridge Program for working professionals?

The 34th week. The Canadian experience
Why employers require Canadian job experience - What an alternative occupation is - Use your network - Volunteering - Co-op Program - What a Practice Firm is - What an Internship Program is

The 35th week. Resume writing
What is a Canadian resume - How often do you have to change your resume - Resume sections - Where to learn to make a resume - What is a cover letter for

The 36th week. Job interview
Telephone interview - Personal interview - Watch your gestures - After the interview - How to discuss salary - What a job offer is

The 37th week. Are you ready to offer yourself to the job market?
How to use this test - Questions about employment in Canada - Preparation for job hunting - Resumes - Interview - Job Search - How many points did you score?

The 38th week. How to find a job on the visible job market
What the visible job market means - How many resumes do you have to send to get an interview - Newspapers with job ads - Help Wanted ads - How to deal with the ads - What if you do not meet all the requirements of the employer - How not to be deceived

The 39th week. Visible job market on the Internet
Job Bank Canada - Workopolis - Six Job Search Engines - Jobs delivered to your home

Your Third Quarter Results 

The Fourth Quarter

The 40th week. Job search in the hidden job market
Why employers hide their jobs - How to find the company you're interested in - Why you need job fairs - Use your social circle - What the informational interview is

The 41st Week. Hidden job market on the Internet
How to find employers on the Internet - What Job Match is - What the Skills International Service is - How to use resume banks - How to use the sites of companies that interest you

The 42nd week. Employment agencies
Who are the recruiters - How to choose an employment agent - Where to find them - How to work with employment agent - How many recruiters do you need - Should you pay them?
The 43rd week. If you need help in finding employment
How can you get assistance finding employment in Canada - What services do employment resources centres offer - What is the job finding club - How to find the right assistance

The 44th week. Choosing a car
Where to get money to buy a car - What price is affordable for you? - New or used? - Where to buy cars - What models do you like? - To buy or to lease?

The 45th week. Buying a car
How to find an honest dealer - Inspection - Get behind the wheel - Check references - Can you negotiate the price? - Car insurance - Registration and getting a serial number 

The 46th week. You are hired: what next?
What does your employer expect from you - First day at work - Relationships with the manager - Relationships with the staff - Conflicts at the work place - How to pass a probationary period - Additional information

The 47th week. You did not find a job: what next?
What to do if nobody buys your product - Offer your product where it is demand - How to improve your product - How to improve the advertising of your product - Why you did not get a job offer after the interview - Be realistic - What emotions do unemployed people feel

The 48th week. How to search for an alternative occupation
If you do not want to change your occupation - The first way to find alternative occupation - The second way to find alternative occupation - If you do not want to seek a license - Did you work as a manager before immigration? - Urgently need a job?

The 49th week. How to search for a new occupation
How to make a decision about career transition - How can you find an occupation, which is right for you - Is there a future for the occupation you like? - How to find an occupation that does not require a license - Who can enroll in the "Second Career" program

The 50th week. Would you like to start a small business?
How many immigrants start small businesses in Canada - Why some of them do not succeed - How to protect your idea - Does your product have market potential? - Where you can learn entrepreneurial skills

The 51st week. How to start a small business in Canada
What a support group is - How to choose your business structure - How to register your business - How to get funding

The 52nd week. Want to move to another city?
Where immigrants choose places to live - How to get information about any city or town in Canada - Why do immigrants relocate - Which city is better - big or small - How to choose a new place to live - What is the cost of relocation

Your Fourth Quarter Results