The 47th Week

You Did Not Find a Job: What Next?

What to do if nobody buys your product
There is a science called "Marketing", which describes all types of business activities in providing movement of products and services from producers to consumers. This science can be very useful for you because in fact you are a product in the labor market! Marketing activities include such important actions as market and competition analysis, sales planning, product pricing, advertising, and maintenance of potential customers. Try these stages of marketing for your product, which is your education, experience and employability skills.
Offer your product where it is in demand
It is unbelievable that a businessperson who produces bathing suits would try to sell them in the North. If you are a geologist, do not offer your experience in the grain province of Saskatchewan. The best place to find a job for a geologist is Alberta. After studying the labour market of Canada, you will see where it makes sense to offer your skills. Of course, places of residence for immigrants are not always driven by the demand in their occupation. Most immigrants prefer to settle in such large cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. There may be even less choice of place of residence due to the fact that you are living with your relatives or friends. If there is no demand for your occupation in the place you chose, it is clear that you need to move to another location or change your occupation.

How to improve your product
Each businessperson knows that if his/her product is not in demand, this product has to be improved. Examine closely the job ads. Look at what you are missing. Do you have a lack of Canadian experience, or education? Do you need a certificate or license? Is your language level not enough for your occupation? Maybe you do not know some type of computer software? All of this will come with time. Think about how your skills can be improved and work hard to do it.

How to improve the advertising of your product
Poorly done advertising does not attract buyers. A badly constructed resume is not followed by an invitation for an interview. Can you, as they say, practice showmanship? Maybe you should ask for help in resume writing from a specialist. Check the mailing addresses where you distributed your resumes. Are they addressed to the places where your occupation is in demand? Actively search the hidden job market, using new and more effective ways of job search. Expand your business and social networks and use them to help in finding employment.

Why you did not get a job offer after the interview
This stage of your job search looks like meeting potential customers on the sales floor. When buyers are impressed by your ads and come to the store, they want to see your product with their own eyes, touch it and try it on. This is what happens at the job interview.
During job interview the employer assesses your suitability mainly on three factors:
•Your personality.
•Your education and work experience, and finally.
•Your suitability as a member of his/her team.
He/she will not like it if you are late for an interview, if you have a gloomy look and if you do not look him/her in the eyes. He/she will dislike you if you speak negatively about your previous job and your previous boss, or start the conversation with a salary question. You will create a negative impression, if you complain about life and tell him/her how badly you need a job. It is good luck to get an invitation to interview and you must be carefully prepared.

Be realistic
Many immigrants already have work experience in managerial positions. Should you try to find a job in Canada as a manager? This is hardly realistic, unless you open your own business. Even in your homeland, you did not become a manager all at once. You had to work hard to gain credibility, demonstrate your best skills, and learn how to manage a team. In Canada, you will repeat this route from the beginning.
What kind of salary are you expecting? Your first salary may disappoint you but this is only the beginning. There are no limits on salaries. You can start with a salary of twelve dollars an hour, and after ten years, increase this salary by four to five times!
There are different forms of work in Canada: contract jobs, temporary jobs, part-time jobs. Use all these forms of work before you get the permanent job you want.

Emotions that unemployed people feel
As a result of a long period of unemployment, many people feel hopeless and loose their confidence. How do unemployed people manage to overcome the stress? Who and what helps them to find themselves? These questions were answered by two professors of psychology at the University of British Columbia. They questioned about 300 people who lost their jobs and their responses are listed in the brochure written by N.Amundson and W.Borgen At the Controls. The main idea of this pamphlet is: Keep yourself under control!
You know that to find a job in your field is not easy; for newcomers this process takes from six months to a year. A positive attitude to life will help you survive in this difficult time.