How to Search for an Alternative Occupation

If you do not want to change your occupation
If it is not possible to find a job in Canada in the field you practiced before immigration but you not want to change your occupation, there is a good way to find an alternative occupation in the same field. To do this, use the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC), whose address on the Internet is
There are two possible ways to find alternative occupations: start the search from the name of your occupation, or search the field where you are an expert.

The first way to find an alternative occupation
Let’s see an example of the first way using the profession of electrical engineer, whose NOC code is 2133 (Electrical and electronics engineers). After opening site NOC, code 2133, you'll see at the end of this section the title "Classified Elsewhere", which shows the following five occupations:
•  Computer and Information Systems Managers (NOC 0213).
•  Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers and Designers) (NOC 2147).
•  Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists and Technicians (NOC 2241).
•  Engineering Managers (NOC 0211).
•  Software Engineers and Designers (NOC 2173).
Opening each of these five occupations, in the same section "Classified Elsewhere", you will find more similar occupations. Moving into all the branches like a spreading tree, you can get a pretty big list of alternative professions.

The second way to find an alternative occupation
Open the site NOC, click "Search the NOC", then select "Index of titles", then "Key Word", click "Sort Results by" and open the "NOC Code". Typing the keyword "Electric", you will get dozens of names of occupations connected with electricity.
As a result, for electrical engineer you can find, for example, these twelve alternative occupations:

Code,Occupation,  Does this occupation need a license?
 2241  Electrical Engineering Technicians, No
 2253  Drafts-person, Electrical,  No
 6221  Electricity Sales Representative, No
 7212  Contractors & Supervisors, Electrical,  No
 7241  Construction Electricians, In some provinces yes
 7242  Industrial Electricians, In some provinces yes
 7243  Power System Electricians, No
 7332  Electric Appliance Repairers, In some provinces yes
 7333  Electrical Mechanics, No
 9223  Supervisors, Electrical Manufacturing, No
 9484  Assemblers and Inspectors, Electrical Equipment, No
 9485  Assemblers and Inspectors, Electrical Motors and Transformers, No

Such a search can also be carried out using the book: National Occupational Classification. Occupational Descriptions and National Occupational Classification. Index of Titles. Both books are available in libraries. Next, if you have experience working with electricity, you can decide what alternative occupation is the best for you.

If you do not want to seek a license
If your main problem is difficulty in obtaining a license or certificate, you may be interested in all positions except 5, 6 and 8 and even these positions do not require certificates in some provinces.
The site,, contains alternative occupations related to Accountant, Architect, Dentist, Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Nurse, Pharmacist, Social Worker and Teacher.

Did you work as a manager before immigration?
If you worked before immigration, for example, as a head of a department in an electrical company, think about going down one or two steps. For example, an immigrant electrical engineer in Canada can apply for positions 1 or 2 in the design field, position 10 to work in the factory, position 3 in sales, or positions 4 – 9 in the service and maintenance field.

Urgently need a job?
If you urgently need a job, you can go to positions 11 or 12, which do not require special training and they are in a good demand.
It is possible that after arriving in Canada you will find that to work in your field you need to upgrade your education and experience. In fact, many employers in Canada are now searching for highly qualified professionals and ask about certificates even for non-regulated occupations. If you choose an alternative occupation, it will be much easier for you to upgrade your skills in a short time.