The 2nd week

The Right to Work, CCTB Program, Opening a Bank Account

Who is eligible to work in Canada
You have started your second week in Canada. You already have a roof over your head and medical insurance for the future. Are you already thinking about a job? To work in Canada, you must have a special Social Insurance Number card (SIN). People who arrive into Canada legally as permanent residents have the right to permanent employment.
To obtain a SIN card, you should contact the nearest Service Canada Centre, where you have to apply with all of your immigration documents and fill out an application form. This form is also available on the site: You will find the address of the nearest Service Canada Centre online at

Rights and obligations of the SIN owner
Rules for obtaining SIN cards are described on the site: If you have all the documents in order, then the time for registration of the SIN card is no more than three weeks. If your card number starts with the number 9, then your work permit in Canada is temporary.
Don’t allow another person use your SIN card
If somebody uses your SIN, he/she will be working illegally and it will be hard to prove that you did not voluntarily give him/her your card. In addition, you have to pay taxes on the money earned by this person and be responsible for violations committed by him/her at work.
When you are hired, you must show your SIN to the employer.

What is the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB)
This week, you should also apply for child support if you have children under 18. This program is called the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB). Under this program, you will receive a special monthly tax-free benefit for children. The amount of this benefit is approximately $100 per child or more, depending on the family, number of children and their ages, as well as on your income and residence.
If you think that you are the right person for this program, fill out the Canada Child Benefits Application and send it by mail to the nearest Tax Service of Canada; the address can be found at The application form can be copied on the site: For example, if you live in Toronto, the application should be sent to: Sudbury Tax Centre, PO Box 20,000 Stn A, Sudbury, ON P3A 5C1.

When do you start getting benefits for children
You will begin receiving cheques only after the completion of the annual tax return. If you have just arrived and had no income in Canada, together with the application send the completed form, "Status in Canada/Statement of Income", which is on the site: It is better if you can get help from an experienced Canadian accountant. At the same time, you should send the other documents which are described on the site: A cheque will come in the name of the person raising the child, more often in the name of the mother.

How to open a bank account
In the second week, you will also have time to open a bank account. You need it to cash cheques of financial assistance from the government and to pay bills for rent, telephone, TV, etc. To open an account, visit the nearest bank with two of your identity documents (One of them must have a photo such as a Permanent Resident Card or valid foreign passport). You can open a joint account just for the two of you - husband and wife. There are no prerequisites for opening an account (a job, permanent residence or a minimum contribution amount is not required). Opening a bank account, you can deposit money or withdraw it and start your credit history, which you need if you want to get credit or a credit card.
This week you can also visit some stores and find out where there are low-cost products.